December 17, 2020

COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Policy

COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Policy

Anderson Plumbing and Sewer plans to continue the hygiene practices normally associated with our line of work. We have always valued the health and wellness of all employees and customers. Any employee who may show symptom(s) of communicable illnesses is empowered to seek medical attention as needed and take the time to recover at home to avoid the spread of disease through our paid-time off program.   

Anderson Plumbing and Sewer has worked hard for the last half century to earn the trust and respect of our clients in Eastern North Carolina. We are committed to continually the monitoring guidelines issued by the CDC, EPA and other governing agencies dedicated to protecting our health and abiding by the protective measures set forth for the general public.

At this time, we are focusing on staying healthy because the demand and need for plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning services is at an all-time high with people staying at home.  We are doing everything on our part in ensuring our customer’s needs are met during any circumstances.

  • Our Team Members will avoid physical contact, such as shaking of hands
  • Our Team Members will keep a safe distance at all times
  • Our Team Members will attempt to keep a recommended safe distance
  • Our Team Members will use safety protocol equipment as needed
    (e..g, mask, gloves, shoe covers, disinfectants, etc.)
  • Our Team Members report in daily for a health check
  • Our Team Members will clean all equipment and all surfaces that we touch in your home
  • Our Team Members are encouraged to avoid travel as to minimize exposure
  • Our Team Members are encouraged to avoid restaurants and fast food establishments without an isolation protocol in place.
  • Our Team Members pre-screen our customers